Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Abortion-Breast Cancer (ABC) Link

The abortion-breast cancer link has been terribly understated as a result of the abortion industry's concerted effort to conceal one of the realities of abortion. It needs to be made well-known that there is overwhelming evidence that a woman who undergoes an abortion faces a dramatically increased risk of breast cancer. In his article, "Had an abortion? Call an attorney," Andrew Schlafly provides some staggering statistics that would certainly cause a woman seeking an abortion to rethink her decision. Further, it discusses the legal victories of women who have undergone abortions without being made aware that breast cancer is a potential side-effect of abortion.

Among the points made by Schlafly is that the chance of a woman developing breast cancer may rise "from only one in 13 to one in three, depending on her original risk." Further, "women who have a genetic disposition towards breast cancer see their risk of developing the disease before age 45 rise to one in one after an abortion--a virtual certainty."

In several cases, women who have taken legal action subsequent to having an abortion--including one who had not yet even developed breast cancer--have been awarded damages due to the failure of the abortionist to inform them of the heightened danger of developing breast cancer.

The abortion industry purports to be concerned with the health of a woman. Why, then, do they fight so hard to conceal the fact that women often suffer any number of adverse side-effects associated with abortion? Once again, it appears that the individuals involved in the abortion business put the almighty dollar ahead of the well-being of those they "serve." They must be held accountable for their reckless disregard for women.

Check out the article and help to spread the word. Let's all do our part to cut down on the tragic and unnecessary prevalence of breast cancer.


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