Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Abortion....Helping To Protect Criminals From Being Exposed

As mentioned in the previous post, the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion heard testimony from a number of individuals last week. One thing I found interesting was during the September meetings the pro-abortion members of the task force were quick to opine that some of the pro-life testimony was based on religious/theological beliefs. When Dr. J.C. Willke was challenged on such a basis, he said his testimony was not based on theology, rather science....Biology 101, which discusses human growth and development, to be exact.

The thing that makes the pro-abortion side's assertion (about theology and their apparent aversion to such as it relates to the debate) particulary odd is that during the October meetings, they were quick to usher in members of the clergy and retired ministers to testify on their side of the debate. Funny how religion is used to discredit pro-life testimony, but seems to be embraced when the testimony comes from the other side.

One of the especially alarming pieces of testimony from a member of the clergy came from Lin Jennewein who serves as a minister in Rapid City. She was discussing situations in which she felt abortion may be an option that warrants consideration. She said, "I ask them to presume that it is their 12 year old daughter who has been raped or it is their 15 year old pregnant niece who files a case against her father, or granfather or uncle as the father of her child and exposes him to an incestual relationship that has been going on for years." She continued, "I know of such a case." The implication was that it is in some way preferable for the 15 year-old victim of incest and statutory rape to abort a baby, rather than to have a family member's crimes made known. I simply fail to follow that logic. Regardless of one's feelings about the rape and incest exceptions, clearly in both cases a crime has been committed, and there is a duty to expose the crime.

The audio of the October 20-21 meetings is now available online. I will attempt to link directly to the quotes I have spoken of at a later time. For now, you will find the statements by Ms. Looby and Ms. Jennewein contained in the Oct. 21 audio link.


At February 11, 2006 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it say something that there are no comments? Who knows! You stated that you don't follow the logic of someone considering an abortion an acceptable alternative in the case of incest. You mentioned that the family should expose the crime instead. Are you saying that the crime is the most important subject matter in the case of incest? Get a clue.


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