Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Over the weekend, I met a lady from the southern part of the state who had written the poem Never that appears below. She gave her blessing for me to share it. Pretty awesome for somebody who says she's not a writer.


Ten little fingers, ten little toes
One precious little button nose
Two little legs that will never dance
Two little hands that will never get a chance
Two little eyes that will never see the light
Two little arms that will never squeeze you tight
One little mouth that will never giggle or coo
One little tongue that will never say “I love you!”
Two little feet that will never kick the air
Two little feet that will never climb the stair
One little mouth that will never sing a song
A death so very needless and oh so very wrong
Was the baby a boy or maybe a little girl?
Was his hair straight or would it have had a curl?
Could she have been quite dark or maybe quite fair?
Maybe her little arms would have hugged that teddy bear.
Were his eyes dark brown or were they baby blue?
Did he look like his Dad or did he look like you?
One little girl will never serve you tea,
She’ll never read a book, or bounce upon your knee
One little boy will never learn to crawl
He’ll never hunt with Dad, he’ll never throw a ball
One little face that will never be caressed
One little soul led by angels into eternal rest
One little heart falters and then stops beating
And another baby dies, its life so fleeting
All because mama was told she had a choice
To kill the little baby who had no voice
Oh the possibilities that now will never be
Because mama demanded her life to be free
A life snuffed out, so gentle and meek
Cause mama was counseled an abortion to seek
So very many babies, so great is our loss
Have we forgotten Jesus and the power of the cross?
Have we forgotten God and His most Holy Book?
Let’s open its pages and take another look
Psalm 139 speaks of the mother’s womb
Who would have thought it could be a baby’s tomb?
America will pay and America will fall
If we don’t repent and answer God’s high call
To firmly take a stand, the innocent to defend
We must stop abortion, the evil must end!