Friday, September 30, 2005

South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion

Among this issues recently discussed at the SD Abortion Task Force meetings was the degree to which the decision to abort an unborn baby is actually voluntary.

A report on discusses some of the testimony presented by Vincent Rue of the Institute for Pregnancy Loss and an abortion advocate and New York attorney named Lynn Paltrow.

Within the article it states, "Rue said a large percentage of women who wind up having abortions report later that they wish they had more information about the procedure and more time to reflect on it. Some later feel pressured or rushed into the abortion."

There was some phenomenal testimony presented during the first two-day meeting of the task force. I will try to give you a heads-up when the audio is available on the state's website.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Planned Parenthood Cares More About Abortion Than Teen Girls

Check out this news story from the LifeNews website. I have also read other stories about Planned Parenthood turning a blind eye to statutory rape. It appears that compliance with laws designed to protect minors from sexual predators is not a top priority in the abortion industy....not so long as those minors are paying customers.

On Cloning....

From Susan B. Anthony List

Did you know that in some labs in the United States, scientists are creating clones of animal fetuses and growing them to nearly full term before killing them and harvesting their tissues as "therapeutic" treatment for adult cows? Bioethics experts reviewing these experiments are already calling them, " A Case for Harvesting Older Human Embryos."

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mount Blogmore audio

For those of you interested, Denise Ross interviewed me about taking on the responsibility of being the State Director of South Dakota Right to Life. You can listen to the hour-long audio file at the address below. The post appears at

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Clean Cut Kid criticizes SDRTL

from Clean Cut Kid:

I see the South Dakota Right to Life has a new blog. I look forward to many entertaining posts from the authors.

In the meantime, I wonder when they are going to get abortion finally abolished for good?

For that matter, what are they doing to prevent abortion from happening in the first place?

Or are they only interested in using the tragedy of abortion as a political football during election years?

And what are they doing to save the "life" that is being sacrificed in Iraq? My guess is nothing. Even though nearly 2,000 "beating hearts" have been stopped in the war, they've done nothing to stop it.

Or how about saving the lives of poor people who don't have access to affordable medical care and are forced to go without it? Nothing again. They don't care about those "beating hearts".

How about supporting embryonic stem-cell research to find cures for diseases that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year? They probably aren't interested in protecting "that kind of life". Diabetes, just one disease that could be cured with this research, stops nearly 75,000 "beating hearts" every year. But you'll see South Dakota Right Life fighting this research.

Is South Dakota Right to Life interested in making birth control more accessible to women, particularly poor and minority women, to prevent abortions? My bet is they would fight any government initiative to make birth control more readily accessible to women.

I've always viewed groups like SDRTL as only being interested in using the issue for political gain and keeping women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen -- you know, "like it's supposed to be". They have very little interest in "beating hearts". And I know that is excessively harsh. But it has always been painfully obvious to me that they are only interested in using a tragic choice for their political gain instead of trying to solve a serious problem.

And that is truly shameful.

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Chad – September 14, 2005 – 02:24

Sen. Brownback discusses the fallacies upon which abortion-on-demand was established as the law of the land...

excerpt from
by Steven Ertelt

Earlier this year, Brownback held hearings on the two Supreme Court cases that ushered in an era of 44 million abortions. He told Roberts the two women who were the subject of the cases have said they never wanted an abortion and have filed a lawsuit, which courts have ruled against, seeking to overturn the cases.

"I believe I was used and abused by the court system in America. Instead of helping a woman in Roe v. Wade, I brought destruction to me and millions of women throughout the nation," Brownback quoted Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe v. Wade, as saying.

"I made up the story that I had been raped to help justify my abortion," McCorvey told Congress.

"Facts. Facts. In Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, falsified statements," Brownback told Roberts. "And upon this we've based this constitutional right that's been found that we now have 40 million fewer children in this country to bless us with?"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

EMILY's List takes credit for Herseth Election

On their website, EMILY's list notes that one of the pre-requisites of candidates they help to elect is that they are pro-abortion. It is notable that on the page that outlines the candidates they've helped elect, they proudly list Stephanie Herseth as one of their success stories. This really is not a surprise to those who paid attention during the's just confirmation of what we already knew....and a glimpse of things we South Dakotans can expect in her political future.

Liberals Begin Attack On Judge Roberts

From the American Family Association.....

The U.S. Senate will soon be voting to confirm nominee for the Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Now is the time to let your Senators hear from you in support of Judge Roberts' nomination.

The liberals are doing all they can to get Judge Roberts' nomination defeated. A look at what one liberal group stands for shows the philosophy of those who oppose Judge Roberts. They say that Judge Roberts is outside the mainstream of American values. They want to bypass the legislative branch of government and continue to use the judicial system to impose their agenda on every American. Here is a list of what People for the American Way, which strongly opposes Judge Roberts, stands for.

People for the American Way opposes
pornography filters on public library computers
regulation of hardcore internet pornography
restrictions on simulated child pornography
school choice
voluntary prayer in public places

People for the American Way supports…
deleting "under God from the Pledge of Allegiance
homosexual marriage
voting rights for felons
forcing Boy Scouts to permit openly gay scoutmasters
partial birth abortion
judicially imposed tax hikes
removing The Ten Commandments from public settings
racial quotas in college admissions

If People for the American Way is using everything it has to defeat Judge Roberts, then surely Judge Roberts deserves our support.

Please send your email now asking your Senators to vote to confirm Judge Roberts! Then forward this to others asking them to do the same. The vote is expected to be very close. It is vitally important that we secure as many letters of support as we can for Judge Roberts.
Click Here To Email Your Senators Now!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Pro-Life Music Video

A friend forwarded this link to me about Nick Cannon, a popular musician, whose new strongly pro-life music video, "Can I Live", has provided hope and encouragment to young women in crisis pregnancies. Check out the link to his website and the discussion forum where women are posting their stories. It's very uplifting.

Welcome to the SD Right to Life Blog

Here at SD Right to Life, we have created our very own Blog that will allow you to keep up-to-date with pro-life happenings, as well as to share your comments on any number of life issues.

This interactive weblog will serve as a supplement our regular website, which can be found at, and will allow us to respond quickly to any questions and concerns you might pose.

The weblog allows an easy format to provide links to news articles and to point out websites the SD Pro-Life community should be familiar with. You are invited to make suggestions for posts, as well as to comment on material that is discussed.

We look forward to being your SD Weblog resource on South Dakota pro-life information.