Thursday, November 17, 2005

Uplifting Article on Abortion Survivor

Every so often, we hear an account of a baby who is unwilling to succumb to the hands of the abortionist. Whether by the intervention of God Almighty or simply the refusal of a few little human beings to give in, some aborted babies have thumbed their noses at their abortionists and have triumphed over death itself.

In Mark Pickup's short article, "She was aborted - but she lived!....My Glass is Half Full," we read of Gianna Jessen's victory over her attempted saline abortion 29 years ago. Jessen suffers from cerebral palsy associated with oxygen deprivation during delivery, but that does not stop her from sharing her message and her talents with the world.

According to Pickup, "she is a gifted and inspiring speaker, accomplished, talented and moving singer, a charming woman and a devout Christian."

Gianna Jessen's story is definitely uplifting and encouraging.


At November 23, 2005 7:09 AM, Blogger boston said...

Gianna gives a fantastic testimony to the tragedy of abortion. She would a great speaker for a SDRL event.


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