Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nick Cannon's Big Bang

I've discussed this before, but that was long before I knew the details I have come to learn. Nick Cannon has a rock-solid pro-life rap video (click for the direct link to the video) that is based on a true story.....that of his mother who was facing a crisis pregnancy back in 1979.

For those who don't know, Nick Cannon is getting to be a pretty huge in the entertainment world. He's appeared in such movies as Drumline, Love Don't Cost a Thing, and, most recently, Underclassman. Cannon has also worked as the executive producer of his own show, The Nick Cannon Show. Among the people he has worked closely with is Will Smith, who is said to have been his mentor.

Not bad, huh? And to think, for around merely $300, Nick.....or you.....or I.....could have been wiped out forever. The video is profound, and has left some folks more than a bit misty-eyed. The final scene is especially touching. As stated on,

The video closes with Cannon hugging his present-day mother saying "I am just telling ya'll my story/ I love my life / I love my mother for giving me life / We all need to appreciate life/ A strong women that had to make a sacrifice / Thanks for listening… / Mama thanks for listening.

It goes on to say,

One woman recounted how his video confirmed her in her last minute decision not to have an abortion.

Check it out. It might just make you decide to call your mother and thank her for choosing life. In Nick Cannon's case, I have a hunch it is now apparent to his mother that her decision is paying off in spades.


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